Friday, July 25, 2008

Are We Nuts?

Article Summary:

At one point in the process to create a 2009 School Aid Budget, the Michigan House voted 61-48 to spend $32.2 million more than the latest estimate of available funding. Five Republicans voted in favor, along with 56 Democrats.

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Bruce said...

What are these people thinking-especially the five Republicans. They're supposed to know better. Hune and Ward better not run for dogcatcher in my area. Bruce Pfister Howell, MI

Anonymous said...

I own a laundromat and have noticed less youngsters and a drop of 35% income. What are the demographics of the exodus from Michigan. I suspect young folks with kids who are renting or low equity in a house. They need jobs. Older folks may be retired or have seniority in their jobs and own homes and have high equity and cannot move or sell. The home is their IRA. Comments?